Our Oncology products


Our Oncology products


Products Pack Size
Temozolomide 20mg Bottle of 5 Capsules
Temozolomide 100mg Bottle of 5 Capsules
Temozolomide 250mg Bottle of 5 Capsules
Imatinib 100mg Box of 3 X 10's
Lenalidomide 5mg Bottle of 5 Capsules
Lenalidomide 10mg Bottle of 5 Capsules


Products Pack Size
Anastrazole 1mg Box of 3 X 10's
Capecitabine 500mg Box of 3 X 10's
Erotinib 150mg Box of 3 X 10's
Gefitinib 250mg Box of 3 X 10's
Imatinib 400mg Box of 3 X 10's

Liquid Injection

Products Pack Size
Paclitaxel 30mg Single Vial
Paclitaxel 100mg Single Vial
Paclitaxel 260mg Single Vial
Docetaxel 20mg Single Vial + Solvent
Docetaxel 80mg Single vial + Solvent
Docetaxel 120mg Single Vial + Solvent
Bortezomib 2mg Single Vial
Doxorubicin 10mg Single vial
Doxorubicin 50mg Single Vial
Epirubicin 10mg Single Vial
Premetrexed 100mg Single vial
Premetrexed 500mg Single vial
Oxaliplatin 50mg Single vial
Oxaliplatin 100mg Single vial
Gemcitabine 200mg Single vial
Gemcitabine 1000mg Single vial
Irinotecan 100mg Single vial
Carboplatin 150mg Single vial
Carboplatin 450mg Single vial
Zolendronic Acid Single vial
Fosaperipitant 150 Single vial
Epirubicin 50mg Single vial

Upcoming Products

Products Pack Size
Abiraterone 250mg Bottle of 120 Tabs
Tamoxifen 10/20 mg Box of 10 X 10 Tabs
Calcium Leucovorin 15 Box of 2 X 10 Tabs
Calcium Leucovorin 50 Single Vial