Image We, Nvron Life science Limited is a leading pharmaceutical company in India.

We are here to proudly share with you that we not only focus on providing high quality, affordable priced products to our customers, but also are ready to follow up and do the needful until the end journey of the product.

Apart from the usual practices of pharma companies, regarding a product’s clinical efficacy, safety, superiority to alternatives, and its ease of use in achieving success in that product we do keep in mind that the product is front and center and the goal is to address patients’ medical needs and prescribers’ professional needs.

We are here to sort out any issues with customer satisfaction and loyalty.

PHARMACOVIGILANCE is the science and activities relating to the detection, assessment, understanding and prevention of adverse effects or any other medicine-related problem.

We give importance to this aspect due to following reasons:

  • Medicines are supposed to save lives: Medicines act as helping hands in various ailments, problems arising from them is unacceptable and to be avoided.
  • Nvron Moral principles that govern us to satisfy our customer needs.
  • Promoting Rational use of medicines and adherence.
  • Humanitarian concern: that is, for the welfare and well being of Human beings.
  • Serious reports should be submitted in expedited manner i.e. as soon as possible & no later than 15 calendar days.


Seriousness of Adverse drug reactions

Serious ADR would be

  • Life-Threatening
  • Hospitalization (initial or prolonged)
  • Disability
  • Death
  • Congenital (structural or functional) Anomaly
  • Medically important event or reaction
  • Cause Cancer